Most Used Gun Safes in the Industry

Heritage Safe offers an unbeatable selection of home and gun safes at the lowest prices possible. Our safes offer the highest degree of protection no matter what you put in them, or how they are used. Gun safes have never been this good. We carry all sizes, colors, and varieties including state-of-the-art fire resistant safes and tamper-proof safes. Ensure you, your loved ones, and all your valuables are well protected by investing in a Heritage safe.

We carry the most commonly used gun safes, as well as custom built safes for your home or office needs. Our safes are constructed from heavy steel and guaranteed to be virtually impenetrable. Heritage safe doors are four times thicker than the industry standard. We understand that protecting your valuables is very important, whether it be from fire damage, children, or theft. Our gun safes offer peace of mind because they offer uncompromising security. Not all safes are engineered the same. Not all safes are built from quality construction.

Not Only the Most Used Gun Safe but the Most Liked

At Heritage Safe, we understand that your home and gun safes are an important investment that you will likely keep for many years to come. That is why we want you to have a safe that not only looks good, but lasts a lifetime. Cheap safes bought from discount chain stores will never give you the protection and durability of a well-built Heritage Safe. Our safes are constructed from heavy-duty steel that won’t rust and they are nearly impossible to penetrate.

There is no need to buy poor quality, cheap, unreliable, used gun safes when you can get a brand new safe from Heritage at outstanding prices. Heritage Safe does whatever it takes to ensure its products maintain integrity and natural strength. Our innovative design in gun safes includes multiple layers of fireboard, dead-air space, and high-tech welding techniques that continue to go unmatched. At Heritage Safe, no corners are cut, no design features are ignored, and no possible flaws are overlooked.


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