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    Primary Technical Concerns

    Review of Primary Technical Concerns


    Almost all dial lock problems are customer error, combination drift or a detent problem. Customer error is normally related to incorrect dialing procedures. These locks are very precise, even turning past a number by one mark will cause the lock not to open. Likewise, many customers are used to the “master-lock” type of mechanism. Our dial locks are quite different. The correct dialing procedure must be followed. Combination drift occurs when the wheels within the lock becomes misaligned. This can occur as a result of excessive use, a blow to the safe, and simply because of the lock’s age. To access the safe, a technique termed high/low, one would dial 10-20-29, 10-20-28, 10-20-31, 10-20-32, and so on. Locksmiths will do this 10 high and 10 low for each digit. The customer is usually successful if they try three numbers high and low for each combination entry. Once entry is made, the lock will have to be serviced and reset by certified locksmith. The detent causes several perceived problems, most of them with the door open. If the detent is lodged in the bolt mechanism, the bolts will not fully retract or extend. With the bolts even slightly retracted, a dial lock will not turn.


    If we can get every dealer to inspect safes upon arrival, so many problems could be averted. First and foremost, freight companies require a claim for damage to be file within 15 to 30 days of delivery. If the safe is not inspected, and damage noted on the bill of lading, there is not recourse down the line. Claims for freight damage need to be filed by the receiving party immediately upon finding damage.

    Safes should be inspected prior to final sale. Selling product without at least a visual inspection seems to be something that would never happen, but it does. And the result is customers receiving damaged and faulty safes, which we have to trade out. This results in unnecessary freight, moving, and storage charges; at times in excess of $700.00 for a single safe.

    Mechanical Lock Instruction Downloads

    Video Instructions on Mechanical Locks

    Problem Ticket
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