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You want to protect your guns with the best fireproof safes on the marketed, but unfortunately, there are no completely fireproof safes. Because of the variables that occur when a fire is started there is no way to make sure your safe is 100% fireproof. Things like the availability of fuel, duration and location of the fire, and even the type of fuel that is feeding the fire can all affect how hot the fire burns and how well the safe will stand up against it. However, you can find fire resistant safes, which is the closest to fireproof safes that there is. The best in fire resistant safes can be found at Heritage Safe Co.

When a fire starts in a home, temperatures can quickly raise into the high thousands. A fireproof safe from Heritage Safe Co. will maintain an interior temperature of about three hundred fifty degrees. There are four series of heritage safes and all have a different level of fire resistance. All, however, use the same kind of Palusol V-Seal around the edges of the door, which seals all of the joints and keeps the fire out. The Tradition and Ultimate series of safes use an extra layer of protection with a unique Pyro-Shield thermal blanket placed in the roof of the safe, which helps to protect one of the weakest parts of the safe during a fire. This kind of protection will make it so that your belongings are still intact after the worst of fires.

Your heritage safe will be an excellent addition to your home, as you can customize the color and finish, as well as the safe’s interior. With all of these possibilities you are sure to have an excellent safe that will meet and exceed all of your expectations. Contact us today to find out more about the best gun safe purchase you will ever make.

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