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When you choose one of our money safes from Heritage Safe Company, you choose the best available. We offer the money safe you need to protect your cash, firearms, and other valuable possessions. Our reputation speaks for itself, and our safes for money uphold that tradition. Tragic events occur in our lives. The economy can crumble from time to time. One thing stands above the rest in providing security for your personal possessions and money, a Heritage safe.Our safes are virtually fireproof, with our basic model providing an amazing 60 minute fire rating. Our safes will protect your money. We offer a revolutionary design in fire resistance techniques that surpass our competition in fireproof safe technology. Your money will be safe in a Heritage safe.

Store Your Hard Earned Income Safely At Home

Heritage money safes offer the advantage over a safe deposit box in that the safe is in your home, within easy access, at any time, day or night. You’ve always wanted the right protection for your money and other valuables that are important to you. In these tough times, considering a money safe is a wise choice. You can rest easy knowing a Heritage safe is working to protect your assets. Our money safes have combination locking mechanism that ensure the safe will withstand tampering, keeping thieves out. The dial is configured so that it requires a key to even turn it. The lock may be extremely secure, but it is also easily operated when you want to access the contents of your safe. A Heritage combination safe will frustrate and deny entry to the most determined thief.

Money Safes Made With Quality You Can't Deny

Heritage has always offered safes for money, firearms, and other valuables, at an affordable rate. We have multiple grades of safes to choose from and we offer quality in our safe selections. Purchase a Heritage safe and buy yourself some peace of mind when protecting your money.

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