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Small Town Company Prospers In Weak-Economy
Posted on April 14, 2009

At a time when job layoff and job cut numbers are astronomical, there are still a small portion of companies who are achieving stability. In the small farming community of Grace, Idaho, Heritage Safe Company has found security in insecure times. With growing economical uncertainty, political change, and growing struggle in financial institutions, many people are taking a much more conservative approach with their money. American citizens are losing wealth at such a rapid rate, that they find themselves implementing a more defensive approach with their assets. This is where a large population is making a “safe” purchase to protect their personal valuables. With a safe purchase, people are finding they enjoy the convenience of having their assets within the confines of their own home, and they realize peace of mind knowing their assets are protected and secure.

Another big factor in the demand for Heritage safes, has been the political changes that have taken place. Gun sales are up 80%, resulting in an increased demand for safe storage of firearms. Rachael Nate, customer service agent at Heritage Safe Company says, “Informational calls and web requests have increased 150 % since the election.” Americans are currently feeling a lack of control over their possessions, and they are finding they gain that control back by having a safe place to store their important documents, titles, collection, guns, and cash.

Heritage Safe Company is finding itself in a unique position in this time of uncertainty. They are experiencing the highest product demand in an election year since 1993. To keep pace with the growing demand, new employee hires have increased 40%. This has offered a number of job opportunities in a job-crunch time, and also job security under a company that is established in all 49 states.

Crime statistics show that home burglaries are increasing dramatically, however, criminals will detour away from homes that contain safes. Carol Beckstead, technical support manager at Heritage Safe says, “Heritage Safe customers have had instances where criminals have attacked homes that contain Heritage safes, and when they see the safe, they have left the home without stealing anything because they know everything of great importance is in the safe.” People are finding that it is no longer safe enough to lock their house doors and leave their valuables unprotected within their home. This adds more increase in the demand of safes.

All of these factors combined, produce jobs and security to the workers of Heritage Safe Company, at a time when stability is rare. Jared Lau, purchasing manager at Heritage Safe comments, “I find irony in the fact that people are looking for job security, and at Heritage Safe Company, we provide job security by manufacturing a product that provides security, peace of mind and stability at a time when it is needed most.” Heritage Safe Company offers a good American made product that ensures security to their customers, and provides good, honest employment for Idaho workers.
Posted on 14 Apr 2009 by Heritage News

Heritage Safe Company - Mission Statement
Posted on April 13, 2009

By providing a means for responsibly securing guns and valuable personal possessions, Heritage Safe is transcending the industry boundaries with its unique commitment to providing the best-valued handcrafted safe on the market, while remaining the ultimate in providing unprecedented security and elegance.

New Heritage Safe Company Web Site Launched!
Posted on April 13, 2009

Check it out! We've launched a brand new website with a lot more features and a completely new design. Be sure to check out our accessories which are now available for purchase online. Enjoy!