Security with a Home Safe

A home safe is a valuable asset and a smart way to protect the prized possessions within your home. A home safe can be of use for many items from its traditional use as a gun safe to any number of other items including important documents, cash, coins, jewelry, etc. Many companies have built safes but not all safes are of the same quality. If you have chosen to protect your valuable items, you want to keep them in a safe that will protect them from attempted burglary and from natural events such as fire.

At Heritage Safe Co. we have been in the business of building safes for many years and have built a line of safes that are of such high quality that we have become the industry standard by which other safes are compared. Recent studies have shown that in documented attempted burglaries, would-be criminals will steer clear of houses that contain Heritage safes. This is because our safes are so well protected it is not worth the time of the burglar to even try.

Quality Home Safe Construction

Our home safes are built with several safety features. We use heavier steel to construct our safes with a thicker housing and door as well as thicker, longer locking bolts. Our safe doors are built with heavier steel and our patented pry-bolt technology. We also offer superior fire protection with our new Pyro-Shield door and ceiling fire barriers. With these barriers are safes offer fire protection of 60 to 120 minutes, depending on the safe you choose. For your convenience we offer our new EZ utility door system; increased capacity; more sizes, options, and features; nationwide dealer sales and support; and exceptional warranty and service.

If you are looking for a quality home safe at a good value, Heritage Safe Co. has the safe for you. Contact us today for more information or to request a catalog.



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