Heritage Safe Security Features - A Cut Above The Rest

The name of the game in safes is to use heavy steel construction and inpenetrable defenses to thwart thieves' attempts at forced entry. Given enough time and technology, any safe in the world — even the most secure bank vault — can eventually be breached. So the goal in safe-making is to make forced entry so difficult and time-consuming as to defeat even the most determined and sophisticated thieves. Itís a challenge Heritage Safe takes seriously!

The safe door is the primary point of attack. Heritage Safe Co. safe doors have 4 times as much steel as the industry standard. Additional standard features include:

  • 1.25" diameter solid steel locking pry-bolts that extend a full 2" (twice as far as most brands) to lock securely behind the solid reinforced door frame.
  • Tempered-glass trigger plate with visible relocker bolt for additional security against attempts to drill the lock.
  • Fully recessed door to frustrate prying
  • Diam-a-Shield™ solid hardplate shielding critical areas like lock and relockers in the door, providing 30 times the protection against drilling afforded by other brands.
  • Quad Sleeve™ automatic relockers that completely lock up the safe in response to impact, torch, or prying.
  • 4-way heavy positive deadlock locking mechanism that ensures that locking bolts cannot be forced to retract regardless of side impact.
  • UL-listed Group II combination lock with keylocking dial that prevents intruders from even turning the dial.
  • Exclusive patented pry-bolt technology that secures the safe door against prying by clasping the safe body doorjamb in a pry attack.