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Heritage is the name you can trust when you need handgun safes. Our reputation speaks for itself, and our safes for handguns are no exception. Whether you use them for jewelry, heirlooms, important papers, or handguns, our safes will protect your valuables. Whether the safe you buy is large or small, it comes with the same Heritage materials and workmanship you have come to expect.

Best All Around Value and Professional Quality

Heritage gun safes offer the best value for your money, and we provide top-notch quality and security. At Heritage, our safes are made to secure, protect, and preserve, your investments. Our safes secure your handguns from unwanted, wandering eyes, curious guests, small children, and fire, while still providing access to your handgun should you need it in a hurry.

At Heritage safes, we have long offered quality and affordability in our gun safe selections. Our handgun safes are no different. You can rest assured that your valuables are secure. All of our standard safes come with fire protection that starts at 60 minutes. Our revolutionary design has raised the bar in fire protection. Heritage handgun safes are tested and certified in independent scientific testing facilities. We hope you will choose a Heritage Safe to protect your assets.

Do Not Risk Having Your Handguns Stolen

You’ve always wanted the right protection from fire or theft for your handguns and other valuables that are important to you. Why risk losing them by not having a Heritage handgun safe? The gun safes we offer will compliment any décor and are affordable as well.

A handgun safe offer the advantage over a safe deposit box in that the safe is in your home, within easy access, at any time, day or night. With the purchase of a Heritage handgun safe, you will enjoy the convenience of having your handguns and other items within the confines of your own home. Buy a Heritage handgun safe realize the peace of mind in knowing your handguns are protected and secure.

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