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A strong and secure handgun safe is an absolute necessity for anyone who owns handguns. Why? Primarily for two reasons: Your guns are valuable, and in the wrong hands are dangerous. So, as a responsible owner, you need to keep them locked up in a place that will prevent them from being stolen, from being burned in a fire, or from being discovered by curious children or other inexperienced persons. At Heritage Safe Company, we sell beautiful, high quality safes that will keep your handguns and other valuables armored against theft, flames, or unauthorized access.

Don't Be Fooled By A Low Quality Handgun Safe

It is likely that you can find a handgun safe for a cheaper price than the models we sell at Heritage Safe Co. Many of our competitors have begun to cut a few corners, leaving their safes flimsier and vulnerable to pry bars. In contrast, we feel that your security is of utmost importance, and we will continue to offer impenetrable, massively durable, UL security certified safes that inspire great confidence. It’s this philosophy behind our company that has pushed us to set the bar at a level the other safe companies can only hope to approach, never to reach. Really, a Heritage handgun safe offers you the best value available today.

Attractive Styling - Durable and Secure

Our handsome gun safes are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes with many color and finish options available both inside and out, so you are sure to find the handgun safe that is right for you and that will fit right in with your home or office décor. We are ultimately convinced of the quality of our safes, so we are famous for standing behind our products. In fact, some of our tens of thousands of happy customers have shared their experiences with us, which you can read on the website in the “testimonials” area.

Please take a minute to look around the website and discover for yourself just how an exquisite handgun safe from Heritage can provide you with peace of mind in a great-looking package.

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