Peace of Mind with a Gunsafe

Purchasing a gunsafe is a smart way to protect the assets you have worked so hard for. Left unprotected within your home, your valuables could easily be lost to theft, fire, or a natural disaster. A gunsafe provides protection not only to guns, but also to numerous other valuables like cash, coins, jewelry, vehicle titles, land deeds, etc.

Heritage Safe Co. has built a series of safes that stand a cut above the competition in all respects. In the business of safe-making the standard is to use heavy steal construction and impenetrable defenses to thwart attempted forced entry. Because thieves are tenacious, one can eventually breach even the most secure bank vault with enough patience. For this reason we have designed the security of our safes with the goal of frustrating the attempts of would-be thieves by making forced entry so difficult and time-consuming that only the most determined and sophisticated thieves would succeed. Recent statistics have shown that the occurrence of home burglaries is increasing, but that most criminals will detour away from houses that contain a Heritage safe. Some of our customers have reported that their homes have been invaded but once the burglars saw their safe they left without taking anything because they knew anything of value would be contained within the safe.

Premium Gunsafe Quality and Design

Heritage gunsafes are well designed to protect your valuables in the event of a fire. Our design includes multiple layers of fireboard, dead-air space, and state-of-the-art welding techniques. Each one of our safes comes with fire protection that ranges from 60 to 125 minutes, depending on the series. They are also built with Palusol V-seal that expands under extreme temperature to seal all joints around the safe door, which provides superior protection against heat, smoke, or water penetrating the safe.

Heritage Safe Co. understands the value of preserving and protecting the things that are important to you. A Heritage gun safe offers superior security and quality for the best value.



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