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When you want to protect your guns safes are the best way to go. You need good protection against a number of possibilities; fire, forced entry, and a myriad of other possibilities. Your guns safes should be able to protect your important investments against anything, and that is why you need gun safes from Heritage Safe Co. A gun safe from Heritage Safe Co. will do much more than protect your guns; it will protect anything you should want to place inside of it. But protection is not the only thing your gun safe will do. There are four different series of gun safes and each has 11 different color combinations, ensuring that your safe will look beautiful in your home.

Gun Safe Customization

Your heritage safe can be customized to your needed specifications. You can house from 21 to 72 guns, and you can configure the interior however you would like. You can also add any number of accessories, like pistol racks, fluorescent lights and chrome trims to your safe, making your safe truly unique and beautiful. This customization will guarantee that your safe matches your home décor perfectly. With multiple gun safes for sale, there is a gun safe for every application.

The protection offered by a heritage gun safe is unparalleled in the safe industry. The fire protection that you will get from a heritage safe will keep your guns, documents and valuables safe from fires. The interior temperature of your safe will remain up to seventy percent lower than the exterior safe temperature. Most customers return to their guns safes after a fire and are able to open their safe on the first try, and will find all of the safes contents as if there had been no fire. That kind of protection is worth any price, but at Heritage Safe Co. you will get an excellent price on a high quality safe. Contact us today to get your questions answered.


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