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The first time you see a quality Heritage gun safe may be you might be surprised. Many people are fascinated with the looks on the exterior because it doesnít even look like a gun safe. Itís hard to believe that such a great looking gun vault could look as relative to the rest of the surroundings in the room. Heritage gun safes blend in well as pieces of furniture in any setting in the home. Heritage has quite a selection of gun safes to choose from. Our number one best selling gun safe is our ever coveted Tradition Series. Our Gun Safes are:

  • Heavy
  • Attractive
  • Secure

  • Our Safes Are The Gold Standard

    They mark the standard against which all other home, office, gun safes are measured. With the finest fit of hinges, smooth welds and craftsmanship, attractive traditional scroll designs, and gold-plated spoke handles blend in with other furnishings. This line of Heritage gun safes are the top-of-the line in luxury protection for your firearms.

    Gun Safes Ė Itís All About the Interior

    As nice as these gun safes look from the exterior, itís what you can't see that really matters. The internal workings of the opening mechanisms in our Heritage safes will show you new and fail proof features that you just wonít find with any other gun safe manufacturers. Itís these simple features and components that are important to your peace of mind and the security of your firearms and other valuables. Even beyond the attractive looks of our gun safes we have the most advanced and protective designs available. These are features that youíll want to learn more about at Take it from the experts and one of the worldís best gun safe manufacturers, you will not find a better-built safe for your firearms and other valuables than a Heritage gun safe.

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