Gun Safe Accessories Available From Heritage Safe Co.

Gun Safe Accessories

Heritage Safe Company markets the best line of gun safes made in the United States, and along with that we offer a complete line of gun safe accessories. Most of our accessories are available online at our gun safe accessories page.

We offer an 8-pistol rack for the shelves in your safe. This pistol rack is a handy gun safe accessory for organizing your favorite handguns. Additionally, we will soon be offering a unique feature in a Velcro handgun holster for the interior of your Heritage safe. These can be easily attached to the velcro strips that are attached on the Utility Door System (another great accessory we offer!) and will hold many different sizes of pistols. They are very convenient and ensure efficient storage of your pistols.

Lighting: An Essential Gun Safe Accessory

Gun Safe Lighting Accessories

Lighting is a gun safe accessory you cannot be without. The fluorescent interior light illuminates the interior of your Heritage safe with a convenient 48 length. This light features a magnetic switch so the light is never left on accidentally. These light kits come standard in the Ultimate Series. We also offer a 20 add on light that can be purchased as a separate accessory for your gunsafe. Our rope light kit provides an easy, convenient, lighting system accessory for your gun safe. With an easy magnetic switch, you never have to worry about switching a light on or off.

Our Gun Safe Accessories Are Numerous

Another accessory that is virtually mandatory in your gun safe is our electric dehumidifier. This gun safe accessory keeps your guns free from rust and your other valuables mildew-free. Our 3 way extension cord with easy plug allows you to furnish your gun safe with these common sense accessories.

Additionally, we offer a selection of magnetic images and decals for the exterior of your safe. You can also personalize your gun safe with these accessories using your own photos! Check out our complete selection of gun safe accessories online.

If you own a Heritage safe, you own the best on the market. Why not accessorize your gun safe with our high quality gun safe accessories? Heritage Safe Company sells only American made safes and accessories, quality you can trust.


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