Frequently Asked Questions

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Miscellaneous Question & Answer

Q. What does the UL Residential Security Classification mean?

A. In reference to UL1037 the safe passed a 5-minute tool attack including prying, drilling, hammering, etc.  For more information on the UL rating, please visit their website,


Q. How does a Heritage safe compare to other brands?

A. Rest assured that you are receiving the best-valued safe on the market when you choose a Heritage safe. Heritage Safe offers more features and options than any other safe brand. With over 30 models to choose from, in a variety of colors and interior configurations, we have a make and model suited just for you, and every Heritage safe is custom made to your specifications.

Perhaps the most important distinguishing feature on every Heritage safe is the solid steel door. Unlike cheaper composite doors that give the appearance of thickness but lack the strength of solid steel, our reinforced doors will not compromise the security of one of the most attacked areas of the safe. Don’t be fooled by the appearance of thickness. Knock on the door – you will know immediately whether the safe has a solid steel door or a composite door. There is no comparison!

The weight of the safe is directly related to the level of security. You will find that no other comparable model of another brand outweighs a Heritage Safe. In fact, Heritage safes far outweigh the majority of safes (of comparable make & model) on the market today.

Heritage Safe offers the most inclusive warranty and provides superior customer support before and after the sale. We’ll cover your safe should it be damaged by forced entry, forced attack, fire, flood, tornado, earthquake, or hurricane. You will also enjoy 5-year lock and paint protection under our standard warranty. Should your safe require factory repair or replacement, Heritage Safe will cover the return freight under standard warranty coverage.


Q. How may I obtain information on my nearby dealer?

A. Heritage Safe has an extensive network of dealers throughout the country, ready to service your needs. With your request for a free brochure, you will receive information on your nearby authorized Heritage Safe dealer. Feel free to contact us at 1-800-515-7233, or visit this page to request a free catalog and receive information on your nearby dealer. You may also utilize our dealer locator on our website for immediate assistance.


Q. Can I buy direct from the factory or do I have to buy through a dealer?

A. Heritage Safe has an extensive, continually growing network of dealers throughout the country. Heritage Safe is committed to supporting our dealers; therefore, we do not sell direct. By purchasing through a dealer, you will receive the most competitive price, as well as the customer service that is so important with the safe purchase, such as in-home delivery and setup. You will not receive a better price by buying direct.


Q. What does the fire rating mean?

A. Every Heritage Safe has been tested and certified by two independent fire-testing facilities. Each safe is rated at a minimum of 1200 degrees F for 60 minutes, and up to 1350 degrees F for 90 minutes. This means that the safe can endure temperatures of 1200 degrees F for 60 minutes before the internal temperature of the safe reaches 350 degrees F. An internal temperature of 350 degrees F signifies test failure (paper chars at approximately 400 degrees F). Keep in mind that a typical house fire burns at approximately 1200 degrees F. In general, the fire reaches its hottest point at approximately 20 minutes before burning itself out in one spot, or moving to a new location (most common), taking with it the majority of heat.


Q. Are Fortress Safes made by Heritage Safe Co.?

A. Yes, Heritage Safe Co manufactures the Fortress line of safes. For information on our line of Fortress safes, please visit the Fortress Security - Regal Series or Fortress Security - Brawn Series pages.