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Fireproof Gun Safe

Heritage Safe Company’s carries the fireproof gun safe you need to protect your valuable possessions. Protecting your valuables from fire damage is just as important as protecting them from theft. Our gun safes utilize a unique technology to make our safes extremely resistant to fire.

We offer a revolutionary design consisting of multiple layers of fireboard, dead-air space, and state-of-the-art welding techniques that surpass our competition in fireproof safe technology. Our fireproof gun safes have passed rigorous fire-endurance testing and are certified in independent scientific testing facilities. All of our standard gun safes come with fire protection that starts at 60 minutes in the Fortress Security Brawn and increases to an amazing 125 minutes in the Heritage Safe Ultimate line.

Maximum Heat Protection All Around

Taking fireproofing of gun safes to the next level, Heritage offers our Tradition and Ultimate safes with our unique Pyro-Shield thermal blanket. This protection offers a maximum temperature rating of 2300°F in the ceiling of the safe where heat is at its maximum during a fire and also in the door, which is usually the weakest point in a gun safe during a fire.

Unfortunately, some of our Heritage fireproof gun safe customers have experienced fires in their homes or businesses. Although they were tragic events in the lives of these customers, our safes performed well, as designed. Although charred black, covered in debris, and standing in water from the fire department or fire protection system, our fireproof gun safes protected the valuable contents inside. And in honor of our outstanding warranty policy, Heritage will usually replace your safe with a brand new one if you experience a fire.

Give Your Guns That Precious Time Needed To Survive A Fire

We all know that no gun safe is truly 100% fireproof, but our fire ratings for our safes provide your guns and other valuables with fire protection, giving you valuable time for the fire department to respond and put an end to the fire. If you are searching for a fireproof gun safe, buy a Heritage safe to protect your valuable personal possessions.

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