Fire Proof Safe from Heritage

Fire Proof Safe

A fire proof safe from Heritage Safe Company is an attractive way to prevent the loss of your valuable guns, coins, jewelry, or documents. While none of us expect theft or fire to disturb our lives, a practical person like you has to acknowledge that misfortune or calamity are not out of the realm of possibility. So itís a wise choice to protect yourself against with a good, strong safe, one that will be sure to protect your belongings from either burglar or blaze. What makes our safes so great, you ask?

Why Choose a Fire Proof Safe from Heritage

We pride ourselves in offering the best quality fire proof safes available. They are constructed of heavy steel, with a door four times thicker and heavier than other safes, and fitted with broad, lengthy locking bolts immune from any thiefís crow bar. We use the best fire-proofing materials available, guaranteed to protect the contents even in the event of a devastating conflagration. In fact, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our safes, and proudly stand behind our products with unsurpassed customer service. It is our concern for your security that has caused us to become the standard fireproof safe by which other safes are measured.

Aesthetics Combined With Protection

Our fire proof safes are as gorgeous as they are secure. Available in many sizes and styles, you are also able to choose from an extensive palette of colors and finishes for both interior and exterior surfaces. You could put your Heritage safe in a dark closet or basement for enhanced security, but it would equally be at home alongside the fine furniture in your living room, if that is your choice. Whatever your preference, your elegant fire proof safe is something that will continue to keep your treasures intact for your lifetime and beyond.

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