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Fire Proof Gun Safe

When you are looking for a fire proof gun safe, Heritage Safe Company offers you the best choice in the industry. No safe is completely fire proof but our safes are ITR certified. Our revolutionary design of multiple layers of fireboard, dead-air space, and state-of-the-art welding techniques has raised the bar in fire protection. Our fire proof gun safes have passed rigorous fire-endurance testing. They are tested and certified in independent scientific testing facilities. All of our standard safes come with fire protection that starts at 60 minutes in the Fortress Security Brawn and increases to an amazing 125 minutes in the Heritage Safe Ultimate line. This is about as close to being fire proof as a safe can get.

In addition to the standard fire insulation, our safes uniquely feature a Palusol V-seal around the edges of the door. In the event of a fire, the Palusol V-seal expands under extreme temperature to seal all joints around the safe door with a fine, porous, compression-resistant, noncombustible material that provides superior protection against having heat, smoke, or water penetrate the safe. When you search for a fire proof safe, Heritage Safe Company should be your number one choice in safes.

Withstand Higher Temperatures For Much Longer

As if thatís not enough protection in a safe thatís considered fire proof, our Tradition Series and Ultimate Series safes take fire protection one step further with our unique Pyro-Shield thermal blanket. This blanket has a maximum temperature rating of 2300įF and is placed in the ceiling of the fire proof gun safe, where it typically gets hottest during a fire, and in the door, which is usually the weak link in fire protection.

If Disaster Happens to Strike

Hopefully, your life will never be turned upside down by a devastating home or business fire. But if it does happen, we hope you have chosen a Heritage safe. Our fireproof gun safes have survived hours of intense heat in actual house fires. Charred black and covered in fire debris, and standing in water from the firefighters, the contents of your safe should be safe and secure. And your charred safe may be covered by our warranty which covers repair or replacement of damage to the safe from forced entry, forced attack, or fire damage! Let Heritage Safe provide you with the closest thing you will find in a fire proof gun safe!

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