Customer Testimonials

Here is what a few of Heritage Safe's satisfied customers have said...if you would like to send us your feedback please email us at [email protected]

"I got my safe from Wilcox Bait and Tackle in Newport New, Va. The Safe is a Legacy 3960 in Blackstone. The safe only had one minor flaw and that was corrected by sending me a small section of fire seal. The Fire Seal shrunken in the lower right corner and the fix was a new section of fire seal. Three Days later I had a new seal section and a free bottle of touch up paint. The safe overall is top notch and I trust the 3/4" plate door over a composite door any day. The interior is actually better made than Liberty Presidential safe. I picked this safe on price point and its quality for the price. I did narrow it down and I am sorry to two safes a Fort Knox Defender and Heritage. I had the Fort Knox on order but after playing around with the Heritage won out in the end on price and it’s just a better safe for the money. Great Job Heritage!"

Virginia Beach, Virginia

"After looking for more than two months at different brands of safes to store our valuables and protect our children from my collection of firearms, we decided on going with a Heritage Legacy in Two-Tone Titanium.
Not only can this be considered a piece of art, but due to the super strong security / design and attention of detail we can sleep in peace knowing things are safe, secure and looks very nice in the house.

Without reservation, I could highly recommend Heritage Safes to anyone looking for the best mix of security, attention to detail, and great finish."

Atlanta, Georgia

"I shopped on line and at dealers for a safe this year and decided on a Heritage safe this summer. I looked at Superior and Champion safes, and I had the chance to look at the Heritage and Liberty safes side by side at an outfitter in northern Ohio. The Liberty is a fine safe but...after talking to the sales guy and asking a lot of questions and literal side by side comparisons, I found that I would have had to move up a series grade in the Liberty to get some of the features the Centennial had. The solid plate steel door, the notched pry resistant locking bolts, fire protection and larger size for the money are just some of the things that steered me to the Heritage safe. I have owned my safe for about 4 months now and I just love opening that solid steel door and feeling the quality construction. There is an excellent video on you tube of a safe dealer in Florida explaining what to look for in a safe, he is not selling safes Just giving info. Near the end of the video he goes into the back room and shows some safes that have been attacked, these aren’t promos but actual safes. There he shows a Heritage safe that he estimates that they spent a couple of hours on and never got into it. I can leave the house each day knowing that whatever happens, fire or theft, my safe may not be as pretty as when I left by our valuables will still be there. Thanks for making peace of mind something that you can actually own and enjoy."

John Mount

"My safe was delivered by two men very professional in handling the moving. Everything went smoothly! At the Southern States Coop. the guys were super helpful and very knowledgable of the Heritage safes. I had been wanting another brand, but after the info. these guys gave me I changed my mind and was also able to purchase a larger safe. Thanks!!!! Southern States, Abingdon,Virginia."

John Tester
Bristol, Virginia

"Just wanted to take time and thank you for your help. I Fred Fugett live in Hallam Nebraska. I called in yesterday evening I own one of you safes and the E-lock would not function for me. The lady on the phone was awesome…sorry I didn’t get her name. The lock would not take the combination , guessing it was wiped out by the kids punching the number. Kids 4 and 6, my boy Jacob (6) has to keep is BB gun in the safeJ Well of course I didn’t have my paper work so I had no idea what was the serial number was. They lady asked who and where I bought it from, the dealer called her, the dealer called me back, I called you again and I was able to get back in.

100% satisfied with service and safe guards in place to re-gain entry to my safe. We bought one of your safes after the big tornado that hit Hallam Nebraska in 2004. Nice feeling have important valuables locked up safe!!! That help me sell Kelly on the BIG safe…..she could keep some of her “stuff” in there also and it looks great. Thanks you."

Fred Fugett
Hallam, Nebraska

"Our replacement safe was installed last Saturday and I wanted to thank all of those involved. Pete the safe mover was a pleasure to work with and as before very professional. Olde English was more than helpful from the start and of course you and Heritage went over and above. The new safe looks great and I hope will forever. We did get a few surprises we did not expect. The organizer in the door of the safe and this safe is bigger than the last one. Three inches wider is great but it almost did not fit. I built the space for the last one with an inch and one half to spare on each side. Now there is less than one quarter of an inch on either side to spare. Everything worked out well and my thanks to you and Heritage."

Rick Sowry

"I received my safe the other day, I can't tell you how pleased I am with it. This Centennial 3660 is exactly what I was looking for in a safe. The workmanship is excellent, and this thing is rock solid. Thanks so much for delivering quality. I am glad to see a company that takes pride in their products. Thanks again."


"Having broken into my home 3 months earlier, the "home invaders" had one thing on their minds and that was to break into my Heritage Safe. They brought tools with them and they pried, hammered, and even used an electrical grinder trying to open my gun safe. Their efforts were fruitless and my most precious possessions; guns, silver bars and silver coins, coin collections and of course valuable paperwork such as car titles and etc. were all secure; thanks to my Heritage Safe.

My Heritage Safe was not just a tried and true vault but also a beautiful piece of furniture, kept in plain view, in my living room. Because damage to the outside of my safe was extensive it was necessary to replace it. Carol Beckstead; of Heritage Safe Company was very helpful in many ways, allowing me to replace my battered safe with a new one. I strongly recommend Heritage Safes to anyone, not just for the reliability of the product but also for the caring super way the staff of Heritage Safes worked with and for me. Thanks again."

Al Kamps

"Recently my home was broken into by thieves who also tried to break into my Heritage safe. Through their unsuccessful efforts, the thieves damaged it to the point that it would not open. I called Heritage Safe and reported what had happened. They promptly replaced my safe and once again my valuables are secure. Purchasing a Heritage Safe is one of the best decisions I ever made."

Frank Patrick
Damascus, VA

"Recently, my family's life was turned upside down by a fire - something I never imagined could happen to me. The only bright spot, in addition to getting my wife and son to safety, was the fact that I had a Heritage safe. A gas line leak created a huge explosion and fire in our home. At times the flames shot 20-30 feet above the house. The fire raged for almost four hours before the gas company could find the line and clamp it off. My Heritage safe stood only 20 feet from the center of the explosion, in what was undoubtedly the hottest part of the house. Although charred black, covered in debris, and standing in water my safe opened on the first try, and everything inside survived unscathed. Thanks to the Heritage Safe warranty I now have a brand-new safe. My Heritage safe performed beyond belief - it's American craftsmanship at its best, and it's the best money I ever spent."

Jay L. Holleman

"Last December my husband and I bought a safe to protect our valuables. All was well until we tried to get in it a few months later and couldn't. At Heritage Safe Company, Carol immediately assured us that the problem would be checked. Within just a few days a locksmith was located and the lock was assessed. When it was determined that the lock could not be fixed nor replaced without some loss of aesthetics, a new safe was ordered. When we asked about changing the type of lock, we were assured that that would be no problem and were graciously assisted in making those changes, and when there was a question about the type and color of finish that we had, samples were shipped for our verification. When the new safe was ready, Carol handled all of the arrangements for the pickup of the first safe and the delivery of the new safe. Even though the defective lock was not the fault of Heritage Safes, Carol and the customer service department of Heritage Safes were there for us. They bent over backwards to ensure that our problem was dealt with as quickly as possible and did so without hesitation. We truly appreciate the courteous manner in which Carol and Heritage Safes worked with us; the customer service at Heritage Safe Company can't be beat. Thank you Carol; thank you Heritage Safes."

Dave and Hazel Holmes
Crestview, Florida

January 20, 2006

Dear Lance:

I wanted to take a moment to personally thank everyone at the Heritage Safe Company for their superior customer service. I lost my home in a fire on July 4, 2005. I had purchased a Heritage Safe the year prior. The safe withstood the extreme temperature from the fire for over 45 minutes, keeping my belongings safe.

I contacted the Heritage Safe Company about my situation and your company followed through on the warranty. I received my new safe last month. I have recommended a Heritage Safe to many of my family and friends. It has been a pleasure to work with you and your company. Once again, thank you for the superior service that is provided through Heritage Safe Company.

East Springfield PA

January 27, 2006

To Heritage Safe Co.

On December 7, 2005 we were at the hospital and had a house fire. The house was totally destroyed. The only thing that was saved was my guns and papers that was in the safe. I would recommend a Heritage Safe to anyone.

Ashland, OH

August 29, 2005


I must salute you on your customer service skills. A week ago, on Monday, August 22, 2005, my husband called your office to complain about the lock on our recently purchased gun safe. It sometimes would take three to five tries before the safe would open. My husband was told by your representative that a new lock would be immediately shipped and a local locksmith would call us within a couple days to schedule an appointment to replace the lock. We thought, yeah, right!

To our surprise, Dan, a local locksmith called me the very next day to say he would schedule an appointment to install the lock as soon as he received it from your company. To our second surprise, he called again on Thursday to say he had received the new lock, and then made an appointment at our convenience to install it on Saturday morning.

Dan was right on time, and installed the lock in less than an hour. Dan was very nice and most efficient. To our third surprise, the replacement lock was upgraded to a much nicer lock than was on the safe originally. Also, as a note Dan called again this morning to just make sure the lock was working for us and that everything was okay.

In a world of "customers not always being right," your company certainly exceeded our expectations! Congratulations on making a good product and standing behind it. We will recommend your safes to anyone who asks. Thank you so much for taking care of our problem and making it a hassle-free experience!

Mansfiled, OH

To Whom It May Concern:

We recently had some problems with our safe keypad. I called your office for assistance. From the moment I first spoke with the receptionist, to the resolution of the issue which was handled by your tech, James Vawser, all of my requirements were met with a level of professionalism that is becoming increasing hard to find. Your company is to be commended for the outstanding service support that the folks at your office (800-515-SAFE) provide. I will, without hesitation, recommend a Heritage safe to anyone that asks me my opinion. Thanks again.

Bowie, MD