Combination Safes

Combination Safes

At Heritage Safe Company, you’ll find nothing but the highest quality combination safes made today. Taking the production of the quality of safes to the next level is what makes our combination safes the standard that every other company uses to measure.

Secure and Tamper Proof Locking Mechanisms

Combination safes are available with a slew of different locking mechanisms. Models are available with mechanical key locks, mechanical combination dials and with electronic keypad locks. Combination safes tend to be the most sought after type of safe. Usually the electronic keypad combinations tend to cost a bit more, they are also known as the most convenient style. To open the combination safe, the user simply enters the combination on a key pad. Multiple users can be given access to this type of safe, each with their own combination number. This allows records of which people and times the combination safe was opened.

Choose What's Right For You - Or Let Us Guide You

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting available combination safes. Be sure to keep in mind the type and quantity of guns to be stored, how much burglary and fire protection you need the safe to provide, and the type of locking mechanism you prefer. Keeping all these factors in mind will help you choose the combination safe that is right for your needs.

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