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Combination Locks

There are a couple different types of combination locks that stand between you and the contents of your safe, manual and electronic combination locks. Although it is debatable about which is more secure, one thing remains constant – they both work well. You often see in the movies, master thieves can defeat a safe in a matter of seconds using nothing more than steady hands and a good ear. Safecracking obviously isn't really that easy of course, but expert safecrackers really can get through just about any lock mechanism. It's a matter of having the right tools, the right skills and plenty of patience.  Getting a hold of the right safe with only the best combination lock will put your “break-in” worries at ease.  Heritage Safe Company only uses the best quality combination locks available today.

Manual Combination Locks

Manual combination locks are generally considered to be very simple and quite secure, but still nothing quite like high-tech electronic or digital locks. As complicated as most manual combination locks are, they are very basic in nature and quite strong. Keep in mind that a safe that will be accessed infrequently, like a private safe in a home, a good quality manual combination lock may be perfectly adequate. Manual locks have been in use since the very first safes have been commercially used.  Over the years and because of many famous safe cracks, the technology for manual combination locks has become quite perfected.

Electronic Combination Locks

Electronic locks are versatile and secure for a safe that can be set up to be accessed by several different people. Different security codes can be assigned to a number of different people, allowing you to trace who has accessed the safe and when. With electronic combination lock safes, it is also possible to pre-program the times frames when the safe can be accessed.

Your Combination Lock Choice

Regardless which type of combination lock you choose, be sure to purchase a combination lock that has a good rating by the global product compliance testing company Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL).  Call us today and ask us about what kind of combination locks we use in all of our high grade safes.

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