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You've worked hard to acquire valuable assets that are important to you. Why risk losing them to fire or theft? Should the unthinkable happen and your home or office is burglarized or catches fire, a quality Heritage gun safe or home safe will protect your valuables, important documents, investments, and irreplaceable heirlooms from destruction. And, unlike a bank safe deposit box or secured storage facility, a Heritage gun safe or home safe provides convenient, ready access to your stored items, day or night, as they are shielded from prying eyes and opportunistic thieves.

Made in U.S.A. - Heritage SafesWe are fortunate to live in a country where the Bill of Rights guarantees the right to own and bear arms. With that right comes the responsibility to keep those arms secured from the grasp of criminals and to safeguard against accidental injury or death. Heritage gun safes are the answer to this responsibility.

Protect your precious heritage by securing your valuables in a reliable and attractive Heritage gun safe or home safe. It's a responsible investment that you and your posterity will treasure for generations to come.

America's Finest Gun, Home, Office Safes - On December 7, 2005 we were at the hospital and had a house fire. The house was totally destroyed. The only thing that was saved was my guns and papers that was in the safe. I would recommend a Heritage Safe to anyone. –James, Ashland, OH

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